viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Last Words on Bob Dylan

(Bob Dylan)

Saludos queridos desconocidos. En esta entrada me gustaria hacer una pequeña didactoria a el grande de la musica. Bob Dylan. Una dedicatoria diferente. Una entrada en base de los Nombres de sus canciones. Desde el album "Bob Dylan" a "Togther Through Life"

The Freewheeling Bob Dylan:

Going like a Rolling Stone down Desolation Row, All Along the Watchtower with the Answer Blowin´in the Wind and The Times Changing. Going by the Lowlands looking for Shelter from the Storm with Hurricane, Isis and the Girl From the North Country. Its a Political World made by Masters of War trying to be Forever Young

I´am looking up to the sapphire-tinted skies near the Mississipi with a hot Caribean Wind. On a Night Like This with the Tombstone Blues I look for the House of Rising Sun. I ask which way to go to a Brownsville Girl called Queen James Aproximately. "Got My Mind Made Up" I say to her. "Trying to get to Heaven" I rustle. "Down The Highway" She answers. "Highway 61" She States with a Worried Blues. With the Moonlight I go."Gotta Travel On" I whisper to myself.

Tangled up in Blue, I sing a Song to Woody with the jingle jangle of Mr. Tambourine Man. "Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall" I hear from a Man of Constant Sorrow from the ally of Positively 4th Street. On my way, I see Blind Willie Mctell talking to a Jokerman about how The Times Have Changed."Gotta Serve Someone" He laughs.

At the end I discover that Beyond Here Lies Nothing. "World Gone Wrong" I mutter. One To Many Morning under The Red sky. Iam stuck under the Nashville Skyline Drifting too Far From the Shor, with the Subterranean Homesick Blues trying to Knock on Heavens Doors.

Just a Simple Twist of Fate

Grande Dylan!



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